A tale of creatng awesomazing software

I am very happy to publish this guest post from our community member Guido Goluke. Luke is practically the coreBOS Netherlands branch and very active participant in the coreBOS development process. In the last few days, he has added an interesting enhancement to the web service interface which he explains in this post.

June 2015 was a maintenance month where we stabilize the functionality introduced in the last months with minor enhancements and keep creating an awesomazing application.

In May 2015 we construct upon the work of the previous months to add functionality through events and global variables and also an important development to support image fields.

Create records while validating your webforms!!

Thanks to our team member Bernat Arlandis we now have a really nice script to make creating records in our coreBOS system from our web forms on our web sites a breeze. We can even do the important validating of duplicates based on different...

Webservice Library and Development/Testing updates.

We have released a new version of the coreBOS Webservice Library and the coreBOS Webservice Development platform.

The coreBOS Webservice Library has seen an update of it's PHP and Javascript versions to make them smaller, faster and more...

Wow! Almost a month since my last post!

Frenetic, exciting, busy are just some of the adjectives I could use to describe the last few weeks. The flow of ideas, projects and enhancements that have started to erupt is incredible, we were really blocked by vtiger culture, and it feels wonderful to b...