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Another "how-to" post. Learn how to add some action buttons in coreBOS.

Learn how you can use the Run Web Service workflow task from anywhere in the coreBOS code. No longer is this task limited and confined by the workflow system!

Hello there, we are meeting again :)

This blog post will talk about how we can send files with coreBOS using Business Questions.

In the last blog post, Generate Report Task we learned how to configure your coreBOS to send any report/business question using e-mails. But there is a lot more that can be done.

Typically, the files you wish to share are much larger, and having them attached to a mail isn't the right thing to d...

We are thrilled to announce that we are starting a series of blog posts about the coreBOS Workflow Tasks.

The first one to get the spotlight will be the Generate Report Task.

In this guest blog post from our community member Irta Lanka, you will learn how to launch a workflow from another workflow and some of the possibilities that opens.