A tale of creating awesomazing software

Wow! just wow

A rather slow maintenance month that still gets a very nice set of new functionality. Very interesting.

In this guest post from Celeste Fejzo you will learn how to use 'Send to coreBOS' Chrome extension. This Chrome extension has been developed to facilitate the work of the support group in charge of receiving and responding to tickets created by the users. It provides semi-ready functionalities, like 'Copy', 'Paste' and 'Send to the CRM'.

Very productive month! We implement an interesting set of feature enhancements all over the application while we reduce code complexity and technical debt. Very nice!

In this guest blog post from our community member Irta Lanka, you will learn how to launch a workflow from another workflow and some of the possibilities that opens.

Static Analysis month! This month sees a set of master-detail related enhancements along with the typical set of changes.