A tale of creating awesomazing software

New features... nonstop. What amazes me is that I don't know much about some of them at all... coreBOS is growing on its own :-) for which I have to thank the incredible team of people we have working on the project.

Our 8th birthday seems to have brought a whole bunch of new integrations and a long-standing request in the documents module. Don't know what surprises me more, the number of new features you can put in a month or the big mix of people who have participated in them. Thanks!!

We start some important projects this month and we get a nice set of visual improvements, while we keep fixing and enhancing the application. Very proud!

Very interesting month! We do a lot of security and bug fixes, we make a fundamental change in the workflow queuing system, enhance the Pivot view, finally support Field Dependency in the Detail View along with a whole bunch of other changes. Fantastic!

We close 2021 with a maintenance month: typical chores, some new features required as we use the application, and a nice set of security issue fixes. On to 2022!