Some business processes require asking for more information during the steps. This information can be different from step to step or simply be some settings that need to be related to the record. This post will show you how to configure your coreBOS to do just that.

BPM more information popup enhancements

We have added a "more information" popup screen configuration module to coreBOS. Initially it was linked to the BPM Process Flow Perspective but then we modified it so it could be used independently of the BPM. In both options it is a very interesting business pattern.

You can read the details in the repositories:

And see how they work watching these videos.

Configuration Settings per record business pattern

Another business pattern we have solved recently is when you have some more or less advanced configurartion options that must be applied per record in a module. Instead of saving the settings in different unrelated fields inside the module itself, this new Process Settings module makes it easier and more user-friendly.

You can read the details and learn more about in these links:

Module Process Settings

Making coreBOS more and more configurable!

Photo by Giulia May on Unsplash

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