coreBOS 8 has arrived! I finally decided to increment the version number. Read on to know why.

Those of you that know and/or follow me, already know what I think about version numbers and continuous development (I really love that image of Elizabeth Olsen). In fact, if I incremented the version number everytime we add some significant feature in coreBOS we would probably be on version 200 or more.

So, why now?

Well, mostly because 2018 has seen a really important amount of new features like

  • coreBOS Mobile UI revamp
  • Native OnDemand support and settings
  • Login Page Design
  • Workflow system enhancements galore: new tasks, new workflow triggers, and functionality, new query language support,...
  • New Business Maps (Field Dependency)
  • New Validations and validation functionality
  • Financial field information and enhancements in Inventory Details
  • Server Side Event based Mass Edit
  • coreBOS Command Line console for Developers
  • Survey Modules
  • Business Actions: moving buttons, links, and blocks to a module
  • Copy link on detail view to make users more productive
  • Around 90 new Global Variables that make the application much more custumizable
  • Integromat support
  • Autocomplete support all over the application
  • Company module
  • Business Question module
  • Product Component module
  • Column Search on the list view
  • Mass Edit 1x1
  • Save and Repeat

just to name a few and I'm not counting all the features that have appeared since the last increment to version 7 which was in 2017 (!) nor all the minor enhancements, minor and major developer and implementor enhancements (a plethora of web service enhancements), security issues attended and the bug fixes.

Besides all that, the code base has seen a complete revolution with the end of the coreBOS Standard code formatting project and the arrival of continuous integration code formatting checks.

Also, this past week we have officially released PHP 7.3 support which is a guarantee of our commitment to take coreBOS into the future.

Finally, the next two big projects that are coming (debug message reduction and LDS UI) will, again justify another version number increase so I thought it was time to recognize all the hard work that has been done before it gets eclipsed by a new UI (which is the only real thing users seem to see).

From here I want to thank all the people who have made this possible, the community who helps in many different ways, the companies who directly or indirectly support coreBOS and all the developers who take part in this project dedicating their time to construct this awesomazing software.

A very sincere THANK YOU!

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