Formal presentation and promotion of the coreBOS mobile user interface.

We have been happily fixing and enhancing the coreBOS Mobile interface for almost two years now. Omar has been working really hard, adding new features, fixing bugs and adapting the functionality to the needs of our users. I have to admit that it is looking really good and it is extremely useful and practical when you are on the run; a really powerful interface to access all your information from anywhere.

He has recently created a page in our documentation project promoting and explaining what it does and how you can access it, so I thought it would be a good idea to to record a video showing off some of the features using my tablet so you can get an idea of all the wonderful stuff that can be done and whip up a quick blog post to promote it and make it more visible for those users that don't know that this awesome interface exists.

I have to publicly thank Frank Piepiorra and the team at CRM-NOW, not only for sharing their development with the world but also for all the other amazing software and support they have brought to the vtiger CRM community (they don't deserve you :-) ), and also extend my compliments to Omar for his hard work on this part of coreBOS (thanks!).

Let us know what you think.

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