We have a service on sale called coreBOS Subscription. Curiously, I have been asked about it three times in the last week. Be that a sign of growth or mere coincidence, read on to learn what it is for and why you need it!

TSolucio is the company behind coreBOS. We spend our days creating code, fixing issues and implementing coreBOS in companies.

Almost all that work goes into the coreBOS project because it is the main tool we use for our business and to help other companies do their business. So when we add something to coreBOS or fix an error it is helping us be more effective and efficient in all our future implementations.

We are constructing something important here, for us and for you.

This is the core of open source philosophy; it helps us, which is enough, that is what we do it for, if it helps you too, even better, if you give back then it is superb!

So we share most of our coding efforts, but not all of them. Some because of licensing restrictions, some because the support effort is too big, some because we consider that they have commercial value, some because we try to avoid conflicts with other community members and others simply because we haven't really thought about it...

That space is where the coreBOS Subscription service lives.

This service will give you access to some of our private repositories of code and to a coreBOS distribution specialized in marketing which we call coreBOSCRM.

The list of modules can be consulted on the wiki and at the moment I write this post there are 43 modules available.

So you get more of our awesome code to help you with your implementations and requirements, but there is also something much more important:

You are contributing to maintaining the coreBOS project

you are recognizing our effort and value and helping us pay the infrastructure, promotion and development costs.

For under 10€ a month you get access to a lot of modules and extensions and you give support to this awesome project!

Some questions

How much does it cost?

At the moment of writing this post, it is a yearly payment of 110€.

Do I have to renew?

Absolutely not, pay as long as you wish or need to.

So I can pay once, download all the code and never pay again?

Sure! But the value is not in the code, it is in the service. It isn't a question of having the code, it is all about maintaining it. We change and update the mother coreBOS project every day, then we merge those changes into coreBOSCRM without breaking anything and fixing the conflicts, we update the modules so they inherit all the latest changes and make sure that everything works seamlessly so you can update your projects and give your clients an exceptional service, that is where the value is.

Can I use the code on any projects I want?

Sure! You can use any of the modules and the coreBOSCRM distribution in as many projects as you need.

Does the subscription include support?

No. This is a do it yourself deal. If you find an error in a module or find that the module you need hasn't been updated in a while, you can inform us via gitter or the forum and we will fix that as soon as we can. But if you need to understand what a module is for, how to enhance it or simply how to install it you must go the open source community for help.

We also have support contract services which will give you support for this code, so ask about that if you are interested.

How does it work? How will you give me access to the code?

Once you have paid the subscription you must send us an ssh public key. We will add that to the subscription group, send you the server URL and you will be able to download the code you need using any git client.

We will help you get that working.

Where can I purchase?

You can setup a subscription contract on the Registered Modules page or send us an email via the contact us page.

No matter how you help out, Thanks for your support !!

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