This month turns out to be a rather slow month, we are busy learning to use the new eventing system, creating examples and new events to cover typical request were we usually had to change the base code, but we still make some interesting enhancements.

Better OpenOffice merge functionality

  • We add examples, documentation and macro file to help with multiline text fields (description and addresses).
  • Change oo-merge dependency on pczlib to the much faster native PHPZIP.
  • Directly apply oo-merge language changes for all supported languages.

Although it is a basic functionality compared with our advanced OpenOffice Document Generator integration, it is still a very powerful and simple to use feature.

Mass upload images on products with drag and drop

Quick create in popup

Have you ever ran into the use case where you need to select a record from a module but that record doesn't exist yet? Sure, you can open a new tab browser, create the record and reload the select screen, but if you find yourself in this situation a lot you can also activate the quick create popup feature as explained in the next video.

Contact/Account/Vendor address on Inventory Modules

Select shipping or billing address for contact/account/vendor capture on inventory modules

coreBOS.filter.editview.setobjectsvalues event

This was a very useful event when we created it, that permits any developer to set advanced default values for any field on a module depending on different conditions the user may have specified.

You can find an example in the HelperScripts directory:

By the way at this point in time the business map concept, functionality and code are already being developed.

Some others:

  • Eliminate warnings, notice, MySQL strict and code cleanup (this one is a constant every month, even today).
  • Security and optimizations
  • Translation and special characters support.
  • Correct behavior when pressing enter on advanced search.
  • Add vendors to the calendar. Thanks MSL!
  • Developer function getUItypeByFieldName.
  • Automatically execute javascript code included in Detail View Widget content
  • Add noprint class on mail manager to permit printing of individual emails
  • Vendor Related List on Contacts
  • Workflow formula fix: eliminate html newlines and convert empty strings to space to avoid parsing error

Thanks for reading.

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