As we concentrate on making coreBOS safer, faster and bug-free, we revisit the calendar module and reporting extension while we keep adding configuration options and features. Enjoy!


  • activate all-day field in the database
  • all day events, refactor drag and resize events
  • Calendar_PopupReminder_DaysPast global variable for reminder popups
  • field dependency between date_start and date_end
  • validations: planned start in future, recurring check is month date and follow up is after the end date
  • add support for 12h format in getaddEventPopupTime
  • avoid warning in quickcreate changeset
  • cbCalendar install with no time limit for installs with a lot of calendar events
  • check and Restore Email Relations
  • correctly save old date time activity fields due to changes in uitype50
  • correctly translate calendar header
  • correct property name and return inline result optimization
  • correct reminder popup time now that it comes in as default timezone
  • do not push end date when editing end date on calendar validation
  • dynamic change AM/PM on calendar edit
  • ignore calendar records with no start date
  • migrate calendar reports to the cbCalendar module
  • move reports changeset needs to load ReportRun if executed from outside the application (migrations)
  • recover calendar create button context menu lost deleting obsolete files.
  • recover EditView form to support delete action
  • recurring events to cbCalendar and correctly set time
  • repeat events were losing time and repeating the first date
  • set 24h as the default time
  • set related lists and eliminate old calendar code
  • support for 12h times on calendar validation
  • timezone error on drag and drop
  • use getModuleForField in changeset to get correct module for email relations
  • use parameter SpecialPermissionMayHaveDuplicateRows to indicate that cbCalendar will not have duplicates in special permissions.accessquery
  • User Hour Field and Calendar QuickCreate
  • use user hour format instead of hardcoded 12h in reminder popup
  • set am/pm setting to 12

Date Time Field

  • center calendar icon
  • support for ajax edit (mass edit) and correctly format DateTime on reports
  • do not show time format when the date is empty
  • support for 12h times

Quick Create/Popup

  • move Quick Create functions from templates to JS script (cache), get correct module name
  • correct SQL to get only mandatory fields, not all fields that contain an M
  • do extra date validations only if defined
  • eliminate old calendar modules
  • filter the newly created field on the entity field of the module, not on uitype4 which may not be present
  • support javascript calendar in the quick create form of popup
  • process first Quick Create capture fields to avoid conflicts with underlying forms/fields
  • send quick create module for validations, not the underlying module
  • use currentModule and SINGLE_ label


  • fixed report type in Reports module
  • format files and minor optimization getting only necessary fields from the database
  • try to get end time using lbl_action ID if calendar ID is not found
  • always add inventoryproductrel when product/service is added
  • avoid adding inventory product lines in totals reports
  • cleanup and warnings from the new column for report type.
  • decide to show graph depending on grouping options not name: if it is grouped there is a graph
  • extended report column list cache to hold different columns depending on the destination output
  • force calculation of computed dependencies in planner when new dependencies are added
  • generic support for currency field in secondary module
  • get total report count right after launching paged query so we don't get a count of some other query
  • helpdesk relation with contacts
  • link calendar actions to cbCalendar
  • migrate calendar to cbcalendar
  • move reports calendar to cbcalendar
  • show display date time value for old date_start and time_start field
  • standardize generateReportsSecQuery in base modules
  • support reports that use only custom fields
  • try finding fields with ampersand substituted for and
  • dynamically enable/disable query planner and consult status
  • enable/disable temporary tables methods
  • last 14 days filter
  • query planner: avoids unnecessary joins to optimize SQL
  • support for current_user meta variable in conditions, like filters
  • simplify code with minor optimization
  • use a temporary table for subqueries of related entities


  • correctly detect IN/NOTIN operators case insensitve
  • getProductImages correct return function name
  • UploadProductImages: format code and return same error when images cannot be uploaded from the start
  • Add more detail to UploadProductImages return statement

Optimizations and Security

  • for-loop optimizations
  • inlined variables that are immediately returned
  • eliminate unused cache code in DateTimeField
  • retrieve sharing information optimization in OrgSharing for create user privileges
  • significantly improve the performance of list view pages in the most common case
  • refactor getTabModuleName to eliminate duplicate code
  • no executable files
  • update PHPMailer to 5.2.25
  • force password change for admin user on first access after install if set to 'admin'
  • update jquery code: replaced attr with prop


  • reduce user and login fields. Thanks John Crisp
  • always set default user when creating a record
  • fix time zone on calendar listview


  • stringposition, stringlength and stringreplace expressions
  • errors and warnings in workflow templates
  • avoid potential logical operator precedence issue


  • correctly process radio buttons and detect record id for validation screen values
  • support for event_dependent column in manifest.xml files
  • add user hour format to Browser Variables
  • comparison function for DateTime fields in javascript
  • added massHideFields and massDeleteFields methods in coreBOS updater
  • add SpecialPermissionMayHaveDuplicateRows parameter to indicate if duplicates may appear in the new query or not in corebos.permissions.accessquery event
  • getCRMIdsFromStringPattern method to get the array of record IDs from an email string pattern
  • DateTime Field methods to support 12h time formatting
  • add fieldid of the field that establishes the relation and relation type to the Related Lists database meta information
  • getReferenceList API method on Fields to get list of related modules in a capture field

Global variables

  • CronTasks_cronWatcher_TimeThreshold
  • EMail_CustomCurrentDate_Format
  • debug email conversation global variable (Debug_Email_Sending) to help fixing output smtp settings issues
  • Application_UI_ShowGITDate, Application_UI_CompanyName and Application_UI_ShowGITVersion

Leads Conversion

Some business requirements we have run into, need to be able to select an existing account when converting a Lead instead of having a new account created. This month we convert the account name field in the lead conversion screen into a capture field to permit selecting an existing account.

Lead Conversion Capture Account


  • eliminate cache of tabdata file when the file is generated
  • package import fixes
  • install Database update
  • update supported PHP version
  • application message format based on LDS
  • search for the module in the database if not found in tabdata file
  • warning message for Inventory Modules if the record contains deleted product/services
  • JSCalendar support for 12h initial values through inputTimeFormat parameter and fill in input field with selected 12h range
  • convert reference fields to links in Tooltip
  • add a file with approximate git version. It will be updated every time we update service worker
  • correctly unlink Relationship with documents and delegate work to the parent method
  • eliminate redundant local method and unnecessary comments in Assets and establish the relation with products
  • First alphabetical Role doesn't show on select in Create Group
  • DeDuplication match special characters
  • permit word wrap on DetailView label cells and eliminate space
  • set file upload column_fields values in Documents save so they are available in event handlers
  • Fixed select all when clicked multiple time
  • Date Comparision equality was wrong, and we add functionality that permits evaluating without emitting message
  • support for related module fields in Global AutoComplete Search
  • set default picklist size in Import, so it doesn't break screen layout
  • correctly get the line number for Inventory Modules validations
  • we need to force onblur for each inventory line to load taxes when we add more than one product/service at the same time
  • isPermitted if recordid is given it must belong to the module being checked. this happens on convert inventory modules
  • Load first image found from special multi-image field in products related lists
  • correctly translate related list label in Quick Related List
  • now that we have the related field information in the database we use it to set the relation field in the quick related list widget
  • eliminate warnings, notice, MySQL strict and code cleanup (this one is a constant every month, even today)
  • translations

Thanks for reading.

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