A tale of creating awesomazing software

Some really useful user and implementor features and a rich set of global variables land this month while we wrap up some functionality that arrived last month and we keep on adding features and functionality to the workflow system and web service API. Amazing progress!

Another verticalization specialized in decision tables, a lot of web service enhancements and fixes as we create external applications and unit test the API, we start our work for PHP and MySQL 8 support and keep the beat strong!

A month full of a large set of small but very interesting changes, a nice balance between user and developer enhancements complement the typical coreBOS beat.

This month has been all about consolidating coreBOS as a developer platform both using it as a user application and as a backend to support external applications. Webservice, hooks, and enhancements to make it easier to embed the functionality you need into coreBOS while we keep up with the constant love and care work that an application like this needs.

This month looks like it is all about infrastructure, as we use more and more coreBOS as that powerful backend business operating system that it is, we add functionality and features to make it easier to develop with. A new business map, more workflow and web service enhancements, and internal functions make for another interesting month!

This month we have a great guest post from Hafsa Laçi where she explains how to evaluate rules and decision tables using the coreBOS workflow system with some new functionality we implemented last month. Enjoy!