A tale of creating awesomazing software

September 2021 found me visiting our team in Tirana. A professional, personal and emotional experience that I needed much more than I realized. I can't express in words what it meant. Thank you!!

What that meant for coreBOS is that I was concentrated on a whole bunch of other projects and the set of changes this month is small. Small as in "coreBOS small", we still get a whole bunch of functionality and features!

Wow! just wow

A rather slow maintenance month that still gets a very nice set of new functionality. Very interesting.

Very productive month! We implement an interesting set of feature enhancements all over the application while we reduce code complexity and technical debt. Very nice!

Static Analysis month! This month sees a set of master-detail related enhancements along with the typical set of changes.

Learn how to configure and use a generic master-detail editor in coreBOS.