A slow month at coreBOS as we dedicate too much time to formatting in search of a handful of errors and minor optimizations while we make some very practical enhancements in the inventory modules and some nice features in general.

coreBOS Standard Code Formatting, Security, Optimizations and Clean Up

Eliminate warnings, fix bugs, optimize and apply coreBOS standard code formatting all through the application: CustomerPortal, PO, EMails, Import, Install, Invoice, Support Tickets, ModTracker, PBXManager, Products, Profile, Query Generator, Quotes, Reports, Services, Settings, SMS, Tooltip, Users, utility libraries, vtlib, Webforms, Workflow, WSApp


  • support helpinfo property in coreBOS updater mass create fields
  • support for generic standard message on listview
  • simplify PHPMailer autoloader for support of PHP 7.2
  • Month and week Day translations and conversion from short to long language name
    $monthName = cbtranslation::getMonthName(date('n')-1, $language);
    $dayName = cbtranslation::getDayOfWeekName(date('N') % 7, $language);
  • uitype10 support for webservice ID values
  • permit HTML in BunnyJS templates
  • table and column name are optional in ListColumns business mapping.
  • add processed fieldvalue to report formatting function so it can be returned directly.
  • eliminate unused function getcriteria_options in ListView


We are really centered on cleaning up the code but we still fit in some nice features.

  • color code tickets by severity on Home page widget

Tickets Color Code home page

  • inventory modules get a lot of changes (see below)
  • Show field size for every field in the layout editor

Field Type and Length in Layout editor

  • add Spanish ID number validations
  • deactivate report export if the user does not have export permissions on primary module
  • edit profile with ajax and reduce variables to eliminate PHP max_input_vars directive restriction
  • new operators "does not start with" and "does not end with" for filters and workflows

Inventory modules features

The inventory modules get some nice enhancements this month which is rather surprising for being modules that are ready for a massive change soon.

  • shipping and handling taxes row will not appear if there are no shipping and handling taxes configured
  • we can use the Inventory_Show_ShippingHandlingCharges Global Variable to hide this row
  • tax retention category to separate taxes in two groups and sum them separately
  • InventoryDetails now has support for dynamic tax fields. Before this change only the default three taxes were considered in calculations, now all existing taxes are supported.
  • we squash a few bugs related to moving and deleting product lines and duplicating and converting with master-detail business map
  • we add a block with a set of auto-calculated Financial Fields for easier reporting and PDF/odt generation


  • LDAP - Fix function name, typos, added street/city, added password gen. Thanks John
  • delete obsolete Webmails module which wasn't being used anymore due to being substituted by mail manager
  • Calendar: do not translate related record name (optimization)
  • Calendar: incorrect user variable in close action
  • Calendar: resize event was losing allDay property
  • Calendar: use the directly related contact in the invite email
  • Emails: cleanup MSOutlook directives from email on edit because they conflicted with smarty templates
  • Calendar: add one day to "all day" event due to design of fullcalendar
  • standardize Google OAuth authorizations
  • fixes and optimizations in Google Contacts
  • HelpDesk: "related to" field export was broken when we migrated that field to uitype10
  • fix Popup quickcreate show created record was failing on modules with one than more field (like contacts)
  • fix Query Generator: use the correct array for table join filtering
  • apply a temporary patch on the Valitron library for Xampp Windows installation. We have opened a new issue for this library
  • recover report sorting and grouping values on edit in customize report screen
  • as usual, we keep translating and fixing internalization issues: CustomView, portal emails picklist values, pt_br and some others

April Insights

Thanks for reading.

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