August is usually a slow month and this summer I have been looking in another direction, learning some interesting technology like Apache Kafka, graph databases and also dedicating some time to studying oWASP and security issues, but there have still been some interesting things going on as coreBOS relentlessly keeps evolving.


  • set httpS protocol by default in GEODistance workflow calculations. NOTE this breaks backward compatibility if you have an IP set with the Workflow_GeoDistance_Nominatim_Server global variable you will have to add the HTTP protocol to it if you want to continue using it without httpS
  • new global variable Attachment_ShowDownloadName to show name and download link of the image/attachment in image fields
  • support for action sub headers via ACTIONSUBHEADER business action in DetailView action panel. Add a business action with a "Link URL" set to ACTIONSUBHEADER and the translated label will be added as a subheader in the action right panel. See Business Questions for a couple of examples.
  • support LDS icons in DetailView action links via {library:xx,icon:yyy} JSON string in icon field. See Business Questions for a couple of examples.
  • mass document upload widget
  • Google Measurement Protocol workflow
  • Push Notifications workflow
  • Gantt Chart type via Project_Gantt_Type global variable which supports: 1 for daily, 2 for weekly and 3 for monthly time span resolution
  • Show Users "Log In Status" and permit filtering on it in the user settings section
  • apply Record Access Control permissions when accessing records assigned to subordinate users and support for Create view
  • now that we are moving all nonstandard capture field types to the standard uitype 10, we modify the transferRelatedRecords function to have better support of related entities when deduplicating


  • migrate uitype 80 (Sales Order capture in Invoice) to the standard uitype 10
  • put hidden message div (Application Message) on all views so we can use it via ajax if needed
  • support application/error message on Related and Users List
  • getModuleLinkStatusInfo method to list modules and if they have a certain link active or not. Used in Settings to activate/deactivate functionality on modules
  • add Database method to retrieve error: getErrorMsg
  • support direct Document record relation via parent_id parameter when creating (used in mass upload)
  • add WorkflowEvent property so workflow tasks can know which trigger launched them
  • getUIType10DependentModules function to get direct relations of a module
  • do not repeat Business Actions links of the same link type ONLY for scripts and CSS, it was being applied to all others
  • ignore mess detector PHP 7 warnings in checkfile
  • move Debug_RelatedList_Query to where it is more effective and captured by all related lists
  • add support for validation functions in detail view inline edit and simplify the finish process in PRESAVE event
  • send current action to PRESAVE JS function

Business Questions: Actions and Materialized View

The business question module receives a whole set of actions. We can now test the SQL, create a Conditinon Query Business map, create a view and create a Materialized View. Then we have a set of actions to install cron scripts and/or workflow tasks to keep the materialized view(s) up to date.

Additionally, the business question module now supports native SQL queries and has an SQL Query block which dynamically shows us the generated SQL.

  • add new getSQL method which returns the SQL for the record
  • support for native SQL, actions: test, convert to map, view and materialized view, workflow and cron to keep materialized view up to date

Price Modification Module

Price Modification Module arrived last month!!

  • GetPrice and Discount event: corebos.filter.inventory.getprice
  • support decision map filter on Price Modification module

coreBOS Standard Code Formatting, Security, Optimizations and Clean Up

  • eliminate warnings, variables, and quotes in Detail View, Home, Users, Utils, vtlib, Assets, CSRF control, Deduplication process, User Images
  • eliminate warnings on imap/smtp validations (long-standing one!)
  • control ajax parameters for action/method support and avoid warnings
  • PHP support: eliminate deprecated split in SMS classes
  • set default external document protocol to httpS in Documents with no protocol
  • set httpS protocol by default in GEODistance workflow calculations
  • set default Home URL to httpS if no URL protocol is given
  • update HTMLPurifier to lastest version
  • update PHPMailer to last 5.x version. next update will obligate us to go to version 6
  • update Valitron library to 1.4.7
  • globally disable XML External Entities (XXE) as we do not support them in the XML coreBOS uses
  • direct return of calculation in Accounts
  • eliminate isduplicate code which will not happen in Detail View
  • avoid the call to "get comments" and sending those comments in HelpDesk and FAQ detail view, because now we reload the whole page anyway
  • move custom function workflow JS code from template to script file so it gets cached
  • eliminate unused div in Header
  • avoid duplicate view generation on DetailView inline edit


  • documentation: change HelpDesk_Support_EMail_Reply definition to reflect its real functionality: adding a "reply to" email to all outgoing emails
  • documentation: enhance comments in some helper methods
  • update install database
  • higher z-index for LastVisited div
  • add padding to currency fields in list views
  • load Message Template module fields picklist on the edit of the record to avoid having to manually reload the picklist
  • add missing parameter pbxuuid in Asterisk extension
  • decode (uitype 69/28) file names with special characters for Attachment/Document
  • only render Autocomplete resultbox when global Autocomplete is active
  • avoid calling Validation Business Map with empty context and modifying input array which is used in the loop
  • add maxoccurs and minoccurs of element field in ListColumns business map
  • make public filters "pending approval" on edit/change
  • support Application_ListView_Default_OrderDirection and Application_ListView_Default_OrderField in Documents module
  • registering after save event handler with condition (moduleName in ['Module1', 'Module2']) breaks save-operation for other modules. Deadlock occurred for events
  • add auto-create in case it doesn't exist during installation
  • change detail view actions table to a vertical list (ul) following LDS specifications
  • show integer values with no decimals in Popup
  • incorrect isAdmin detection in Portal
  • eliminate duplicate TagCloud function and pass the correct parameter to the delete tag function
  • format Product/Service tax fields to the standard used in the rest of the forms so field dependency can work
  • The users' image field is special so we have to modify some code to avoid warnings
  • set correct action on Users save error
  • set Users email value for noninternal email setting
  • Continuous translation effort:
    • correct location of new labels in ro_ro and eliminate duplicate labels.
    • add Business Action missing Labels
    • translate new labels to es_*
    • Successed - > Succeeded
    • translate cron tasks descriptions
    • translate module names in Popup
    • translate hardcoded Users error message and change message to be more specific
    • error label in Utilities
    • missing Workflow labels in NL
    • translate Workflow custom functions

August Insights

Thanks for reading.

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