Hacktoberfest brought a bunch of interesting features along with the normal coreBOS Beat musical note


  • Decision Table support for returning many fields and many rows and ignoring conditions with __IGNORE__ value
  • add library smalot/pdfparser for better PDF scanning. Thanks Kiko
  • change Update Exchange Rate programmed task to use open service and eliminate deprecated Yahoo service. Thanks Denald
  • show last exchange update time
  • unblock login users automatically: when a user makes an incorrect amount of login attempts the system blocks this user's access. This cron will automatically unblock the user after a few minutes so they can try again without an administrator user intervention. Thanks Timothy
  • FieldDependency business map now supports multifield directives. Thanks Albana
  • add UIType 10 Field Edit in Layout Editor. Wonderful! Thanks Mario
  • export users query was incorrect
  • Webservice Business mapping test script support

Developer enhancements

  • include ordering when retrieving Related List SQL Query
  • new web service to show internal SQL query from a coreBOS web service query. Thanks Lorida
  • support cbRule called by name in Webservice
  • Debug_ActivityReminder_Deactivated global variable to stop Calendar reminder polling
  • fix Decision Table call from web service (cbRule) to send correct context

coreBOS Standard Code Formatting, Security, and Optimizations

  • update dependent composer libraries
  • fixes for PHP version 7.4 (on our way)
  • adapt CI by adding new executables from updated/new libraries
  • CI: install a specific version of eslint as latest does not work with our npm version
  • avoid warning in updateBrowserTabSession when previous tab session does not exist
  • code formating on UnblockUserCron, Currency, DateTimeField, MailManager, REST/SOAP web service call, Query Generator, Search, Business Map, Web service Create (empty attachments)
  • ignore DSStore files

User changes and fixes

  • updated getWeekendDates and created validateDate functions in DateTimeField
  • integrated implementation of function getWeekendDates between two dates in Project
  • support for default values defined in a business map in QuickCreate form
  • correct concatenation operator error in ANTLR
  • (much) better information screen for CSRF timeouts and errors
  • correct COREBOS_DBSERVER docker environment variable support
  • alphabetical sort of GenDoc templates in the widget and select the first template by default. Thanks Fatjola.
  • correctly load current user in JS when it still does not exist (install) for Global Variable calls
  • handle empty accessed indexed keys in ProductLines
  • Home aggregate widget adjustments
  • load correct CSS file in Licence
  • Users "must change password" returns false if no user is given
  • unblock changeset cbRule context parameter
  • add and sub Workflow expression now accept non-numeric values without failing
  • always join Workflow Aggregation query conditions with an AND when we are aggregating on brothers
  • move GlobalVariable JS function to general JS script so we can use it in there too
  • Continuous translation effort:
    • Assets, Questions and some other pt_br

October Insights

Thanks for reading.

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