Learn how to use the new Business case module.

Business Cases

A module that gives you a complete overview and control of your business. Using the Business Case module, you can easily divide and group your business tasks into several cohesive and related sets of records.

The Business Case module captures all entity modules and their records in one place. In addition, you can define for each Case its status, priority, description, and other important information.

The main Business Case module benefits are:

  • better overview, search and control
  • supported for all modules
  • easily add, edit or delete the related module records in one place

Who needs the Business Case module?

The Business Case module can be used for many reasons:

  • Does your business comprise several different areas? Divide your business into several smaller parts called "business case" to have better control and overview.
  • Is it boring to switch between several modules in order to start a new opportunty or project? Create the business case and add/create all related records from one place.
  • Don’t you know whether your business is going well? Define your expectations for each business case and compare them with actual performance measurements to make correct decisions.

Watch a walk through


Home Page: https://github.com/coreBOS/BusinessCase
Release Date: 2022-02-04
License: VPL
Distribution: Free
Support Issues: https://github.com/coreBOS/BusinessCase
Support Forum: coreBOS Forum
Source: https://github.com/coreBOS/BusinessCase

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