A month full of a large set of small but very interesting changes, a nice balance between user and developer enhancements complement the typical coreBOS beat. Special mention to Single Sign-On and Related list support in email templates.

Features and Implementor/Developer enhancements

  • support DISTINCT in Web Service ExtendedVTQL: select distinct industry from Accounts where (true);
  • permit calling a Business Question by name via web service
  • allow getting image information for a record through an AJAX call (executefunctions)
  • add context variable support for Workflow Generate File task to select Report/Question
  • add context variable support for Workflow Email task to get an attachment from Generate File task
  • related lists support in workflow email templates. We add this template variable:
    $(general : (__VtigerMeta__) relatedlist_MODULE_FORMAT_FIELDS)
    • Where:
      • module can be the name of any module related to the current record
      • format can be: html, table, or text
      • fields can be: * or a comma-separated list of fields to show
    • An example for the Calendar module could be:
      $(general : (__VtigerMeta__) relatedlist_Contacts_table_firstname,lastname)
  • add get related contacts emails on calendar:
    $(general : (__VtigerMeta__) Events_Related_Contacts)
    will return a comma-separated list of contact emails related to a calendar record which we can use to easily send an email to all of them
  • add sub_workdays function to Workflow expression language
  • autocomplete search in compound entity fields like full name. so we can search in contact "firstname lastname"
  • validate asigned_user_id in web service Create and Update operations
  • permit sending CSV file via scheduled email report
  • EMail_Signature_BeforeQuote global variable permits us to set signature before quotes email in MailManager
  • Application_Filter_All_Edit global variable, permits us to edit the filter "All" fields (Finally!!)
  • permit capturing product image information in produce autocomplete
  • business question post-process operations on file export: deletedoublequotes
  • Single Sign-On (SSO)
    • coreBOS now supports Auth0 SAML Single Sign-On. In the upcoming weeks, we will add support for a few more providers and document this functionality in the documentation project.
    • web service SSO
    • add support for two more web service redirect URLs so we can attend more than one app with the same API using the RTURL parameter
    • SAML: set certificates directory outside vendor directory
    • set User in Global Variable call to get the correct value
  • iCal support
    • iCal workflow support: permit sending ics file by email for calendar events
    • support for sending ics to browser
    • import/export iCal half working, some formatting
    • move iCal library to the new calendar module
    • move Calendar translation strings
  • Emails Reply-To field
    • set Reply-To in MailManager and Converter
    • empty Reply-To on reply and correctly format reply to emails when there is more than one

coreBOS Standard Code Formatting, Security, Optimizations, and Tests

  • coreBOS Standard Formatting
    • Emails, application, MailManager, Picklist, Calendar, Workflow, general.js: format, change quotes, add quotes on array indexes (still!!) and eliminate warnings
  • optimizations
    • delete unused variable in Vendors
    • eliminate unused Inventory field from SQL
    • return the direct result in WSApp
  • library updates:
    • iCal library for PHP 7.4. PHP support
    • Gaufrette to latest version v0.9.0
    • Valitron library to 1.4.8
    • add OneLogin library
  • MySQL 8: use the correct variable to construct SQL


  • add optional ISO3166 country code dropdown in Accounts and Contacts
  • show entity name as a link in Mass Edit results page

Mass Edit Links

  • add some generic style for modern inventoryblocks
  • show next possible trigger time in Scheduler

Scheduler Next Trigger Time

  • avoid SQL error on Calendar duplicate keys
  • handle date formatting in business questions CSV export
  • fill CSV header if file is empty in business questions CSV export
  • include LDS Prompt in Popup window
  • switch 'const' to 'var' to avoid redefinition error of LDS Prompt object
  • use correct parent module in generic email modules
  • launch aftersave.final on payment related to inventory modules so ModTracker can register the changes
  • support special-cased legacy fields in new web service query parser
  • set the email window size to application standard
  • include files for template merge loading. an error was appearing when selecting a template in the email popup window
  • format XML on Decision Table save
  • EU VAT Validation based on httpS
  • select/deselect create and avoid error on extensions in Profile settings
  • fix QueryGenerator by escaping single quote on IN operator
  • assign currentModule value when it is empty in Scheduled Reports
  • set default mass edit for new fields to true in coreBOS Updater
  • multiple select field mandatory validation was producing a false positive
  • add context on scheduled workflows
  • checking referenceField for workflow expression conditions
  • format currency in workflow expressions
  • remove unnecessary joins from workflow query
  • Send File workflow task expression type was lost after save
  • resolve formatting of scheduled workflow time
  • validation of mandatory fields in workflow using global validator object
  • update price & taxes conditioned to dedicated function
  • keep special User fields in queries after applying the new SQL parser
  • field mapping support for record_id field in Business Map
  • Textarea
    • apply global variable styling
    • add missing Application_Textarea_Style calls
    • eliminate reference to deleted uitype 20
  • constant translation effort:
    • attach ics on workflow
    • Calendar/MailManager: pt_br
    • ISO Country code
    • Application_Filter_All_Edit Global Variable
    • translate hardcoded strings in mail response header

October Insights

Thanks for reading.

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