coreBOS 5.4 has been released!!

Our first step is dictated by the fact of starting from an abandoned project that we plan to give love and care to.

It is a technical step which is basically paper work. It would have been very easy to do as one big step, because we already had most of this done and our current clients are already benefiting from many of these changes but we have changed our company, we are going to open our efforts, our intention is to help, as best we can, so we went the extra mile and separated each change and documented them (at least a little) so that current users of vtiger CRM 5.4 can apply those changes they want and leave out others, although I would really recommend you apply them all, because we are just starting and things are going to pick up quickly with a lot of exciting changes.

If you apply all the changes you will arrive at coreBOS 5.4, welcome to the coreBOS project.

You can download a fresh copy from GitHub, and from our Downloads page.

You will find all the details of changes and steps to upgrade here.

Keep watching :-)

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