After months (years?) of debating and talking, after weeks of intense organization we are ready to start working.

We have a place where developers can talk and communicate with us, we have a place where users can help each other and ask questions, we have shared code repository for all to see, that repository is directly connected to our ticketing system (really nice), and the ticketing system is linked to our documentation wiki.

We have a web site and a blog section to expose our intentions and ideas and we have announced the birth of the project to the world.

It has been fantastic, organizing and setting all that up, it is incredible how much you can learn and how incredibly well things work together when you try.

Now comes the real challenge, to organize the project and take it forward with all the ideas we have in mind.

I am exited, happy, nervous, like I haven't been in a long time. The fears and doubts of the first step are past, we start our journey.

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