A few months ago a good friend and collaborator asked me about the differences between SalesforceTM and coreBOS. A few days ago the same question came up in the forum. Let's see what I think about it.

For me, there are three main differences.

1.- Resources

The money and people availability that both projects have is totally different. They have the resources to invest in things that we can only put on our to-do list and wait to get to. This means that they have more functionality than we do for sure.

2.- Influence in the roadmap

Related to the resources is the accessibility to the team. In coreBOS you can actually contact the people that are directing the product. That gives you the power to influence it and push it in the direction that is beneficial to you. Besides the fact that coreBOS strives to be a flexible platform that you can adapt to your business instead of a functionality-packed on-demand product, the fact is that YOU can mark, to some extent, the pace of the project. I doubt you can do that with Salesforce.

3.- OpenSource

You have full control of your data and project. For good and bad :-)


As you can see, what I find fundamental and important is probably not what you were expecting when you started reading the article. At this point, we all do to many things, it doesn't matter if you choose Salesforce, [put your favorite software here], or coreBOS, they all have more functionality than you are going to use or need. What is important is how flexible the software is to adapt to YOUR needs, what it can do for YOU.

Anyway, I did prepare a more detailed comparison that I will share next. Be warned, this is a very opinionated comparison basedon this feature list from Salesforce.

Salesforce Feature State in coreBOS
Customize home with components WIP. Currently implementing a POC with Reports home page. If it works we will do home, substitute Dashboard and implement on module home page
Customize record home with components WIP. Currently implementing a POC with Reports home page. If it works we will do home, substitute Dashboard and implement on module home page
Keyboard Shortcuts In many places but inconsistent and not maintained
Navigate to a Record Directly from an Action Success Message Quick create takes you to record directly, no option to otherwise unless in selection popup screen in which case it selects the created record
Favorites not supported
Personalized Navigation yes, to some extent, role based not user based
Lightning Apps in coreBOS we don’t impose any design system. We natively support LDS and you can use any LDS styling in your custom widgets but you are free to include and use others
Lightning Console Apps -
Utility Icons for Lightning Apps -
Global actions no similar concept
App Launcher since we don’t have a market place and all modules look the same we don’t have an App Launcher with Apps but we do use the App Launcher construct in our integrations page
User Switcher no similar concept
Record Detail tab never forgets we have some sticky sections controlled by global variables but it isn’t a full-blown memory of the state you choose, and even when we do save it, it is usually in the session, so it’s lost at logout
Troubleshoot Record Errors Quickly and Easily there is some control but it could be a lot better
More specific dialog titles when creating records we don’t have record “types” but you can customize the header as you like with global variables and expression language
Launch a Lightning Component from an Action we can launch actions through the Business Actions module, so it is similar
Quick View Hovers equivalent
Utility Bar no similar concept
Highlights Panel no similar concept inside the application but we do export this type of information for external apps
Help Menu not really, we link to the wiki, but there is a lot of documentation to be done. Just to be clear: there is a LOT of documentation, but there is also a lot of functionality not covered
Page layout per app no similar concept . On our roadmap
Sync all collapsible sections no similar concept
Lists in App Builder not yet, soon to be added
Create Custom Tab Sets on Record Pages equivalent
Create Custom Lightning Experience Record Pages no similar concept
Assign filters to report chart components equivalent
Assign custom record page -
App Page templates -
New Records highlight panel -
Read-Only Lightning Pages -
Dynamic Report Chart Components equivalent
Embed Wave no similar concept
Flow Component external install: Process Flow Perspective
Assign Record Pages by App, Record Type, and Profile no similar concept
Customize Person Account Pages We have contacts=person but it is just a normal module like all the others, customizable like any other
Customize Your Console App Record Pages -
Clone Salesforce Default Lightning Pages -
Component - Related Record this could easily be done and included as a widget: VERY easily done
Component - Related List not yet, soon to be added
Component - Flow external install: Process Flow Perspective
Component - Accordion no similar concept
Einstein Recommendations no similar concept
Dynamic Lightning Pages equivalent
Pinned Workspace Regions no similar concept
Sorting Results we permit sorting alphabetically. We don’t have a “sort by relevance” feature. This could be done as we have a native integration with elastic search. Our biggest hurdle here is to have enough data to understand what “relevance” means for each company
More searchable objects we search all our modules
Create a custom object item from within a lookup supported
Instant results no similar concept
Narrow search results to a specific object no similar concept
Global Search in Setup no similar concept
Know When Spell Correction Is Applied to Your Term no similar concept
Personalize the way search results display no similar concept
Top Results each user has a global variable where they can set which are their top results modules
Advanced lookups powered by a full search engine no similar concept
List view charts no similar concept yet, this is on our roadmap
Delete Charts from List Views
Search for a list view on the fly no similar concept
Kanban WIP. Currently implementing an external app for this
Continuous scrolling no similar concept
Create and edit list views from the same page no similar concept
Snapshot of list view details equivalent
List View Column Widths Dynamically Adjust to Content not yet but we are almost ready to change the whole list view and the new data table does have this sort of functionality
Set Custom Column Widths on More List Views not yet but we are almost ready to change the whole list view and the new data table does have this sort of functionality
Smart Column Widths not yet but we are almost ready to change the whole list view and the new data table does have this sort of functionality
Reset Custom List View Column Widths not yet but we are almost ready to change the whole list view and the new data table does have this sort of functionality
Wrap Text in List Views not yet but we are almost ready to change the whole list view and the new data table does have this sort of functionality
Update Record Owners from list views you can update any field from a list view
Mass Inline Editing you can update any field from a list view and with no theoretical limit
Programmatic Lists Component -
Filters in List view supported
Related List Drill-in the same as normal list views, we use the same approach
setup we have reduced considerably our setup options in favor of normal modules that do the work, so you can add buttons and configure many options from normal modules
setup besides that we have a central setup screen for application settings and another screen for integrations
Development Capabilities we are a very developer friendly platform, with all sorts of components to make it easy to customize your coreBOS
Dynamic Picklists supported
User Interface API we are not good in this area, we stick to what we have: consistency
Base Lightning Components not a rich library but a modest one :-)
Lightning Locker Service no similar concept
Lightning Testing Service no similar concept
Lightning Component Framework no similar concept
Salesforce Lightning Inspector Chrome Developer Tool normal developer console
Lightning Out full support for external applications
Lightning Container Components we have developer widgets which won’t be as powerful but it is a similar concept
Lightning Experience Stylesheets for Visualforce no similar concept
Salesforce Lightning Design System supported
Custom Lightning Page Templates no similar concept
Themes & Branding very limited
Assistant similar concept although ours is obsolete and in urgent need of an update
Key Deals supported
Performance Chart supported
Einstein Opportunity Insights no similar concept
Einstein Account Insights no similar concept
Task Filter Options from the Home page supported
News we support RSS, maybe could be done
Path this could be done by enhancing the BPM Process Flow Perspective, now it hand-holds you through the process, but it doesn’t tell you why, we could add a help message on each step
All Activity History activities are easy to list, all of them, what would be more interesting would be an activity timeline including emails, messages, and other modules as required. This has been on our todo list for a long time
Account Logos we don’t look for them but you can add images to any module and creating an integration to pull them in which shouldn’t be difficult, maybe even possible using integromat (or similar) if the information is publically available
Automated Account Fields no similar concept
Forecasts external install: Sales Forecast (not as complete)
Take actions from Activity Timeline no activity timeline (yet)
Account Hierarchy limited
Campaign Hierarchy not supported
Lead Convert similar concept although without so many options
Accounts to Leads Matching not supported
Convert Lead to an Existing Opportunity not supported
Specify Contact and Opportunity Record Type not supported
Hide Create Opportunity section in Lead Convert modal supported
Navigate to Account, Contact, Opportunity supported
Add Members to Campaigns from Accounts not supported
Email Quote PDFs with One Click not supported , requires two clicks if configured correctly
Add Activities for Quotes and Contracts supported
Opportunity Workspace no similar concept
Reply to and Forward Emails supported
Send through Gmail and Office365 supported
Microsoft Exchange not supported
email templates supported
List Email supported
Send List Emails to Campaigns from the Campaign record supported
Send List Email from your regular list views supported
Send Error-Free Emails by Predefining Fields supported
When sending email, choose among multiple emails addresses in the from field supported
Send email from anywhere could be added …
Merge Fields When Emailing supported
Previews for Email Attachments not supported
Templates can be created when Emailing not supported
Activity timeline not supported
Activity Composer no similar concept
Lightning Dialer only asterisk and rather obsolete design
Custom voicemail Greeting not supported
Notes Homepage no similar concept . We have documents which can contain notes, comments and conversations
Private Notes supported
Calendar only one calendar
Create More Record Associations with the Related To Lookup Field supported
Pop-out Email Composer supported
See and Edit Your Email Signature as You Write not supported
Share and add notes to records supported as comments
Review List Emails before they’re sent not supported
Email Template Object Home supported
Email Templates - Handlebars merge field syntax we have our own syntax based on the workflow expression language
Email Templates -Preview email not supported but on our todo list, we want to integrate GrapeJS
Task Notifications supported
Task list view supported
Duplicate Management supported
Einstein no similar concept
View All Contact Fields on Case Pages limited support
Snap-In Chat we support natively Mattermost and Mibew
Lightning Service Console not sure
Lightning Knowledge not sure
Knowledge record types not supported
Preview Case Details with Case Hovers supported
Compact Case Feed not supported
Filter case feeds not sure
View, Create, Edit, and Delete Case Comments supported
See Email Attachments supported
Reply to Social Posts in the Case Feed not supported
Route Work to Agents not supported
Twitter Actions in Case Feed not supported
Search by Attached Files to Find Articles Faster not supported
Macros not supported
Reports & Dashboards we recommend using external tools
Present and Share information supported
Customizable dashboard components limited
Dashboard editor wip
Hide totals and subgroups from report view supported
Interactive filters when viewing reports supported
Keyboard Shortcuts for dashboards not supported
Dashboard Component not supported
Sort Data in Dashboard Component Charts and Tables not supported
Edit, Clone, and Delete Dynamic Dashboards not supported
charts only limitted charts
Subscribe Other People to Reports not supported
Interactive chart filtering not supported
Formatted Exports limited
Dynamic Filtering with URL Parameters not supported
Subfolders not supported
Last Run Date displayed for reports not supported
Report Builder similar concept
Tables in Dashboards limited
Subscriptions not supported
Themes and color limited
Dashboard component limited
Edit Filters in view mode not supported
Omit totals from report supported
Undo/redo when editing dashboards not supported
Role hierarchy by person supported
File Preview Player not supported
File sharing on the road map
Add Salesforce Files to a Record from the Related List supported
Customize the Files Detail Page supported
Drag Files onto Files and Attachments Related Lists not supported on related lists
Authenticate Effortlessly to External File Sources not supported . Note there is an old third party extension for this but I would prefer to use MinIO or Nextcloud
Chatter Achievable with Mattermost integration? WIP
New filters in “what I follow” feed third party extension
Create a Report on the Top 100 Feed Item Views not supported
Identify External Users at a Glance Achievable with Mattermost integration? WIP
Live Comments Mattermost
Mute Mattermost
See who likes your comment Mattermost
Edit feed post and comments in multiple places Mattermost
Rich Content and Inline Images in more places supported
Add and Remove files when editing post not supported
Use a Record’s Follow Action to Add It to a Stream not supported
Sort Feed Global Search Results by Relevance not supported
Out of the Office feature not supported
Multiple attachments on posts not supported
Chatter streams not supported
Post Pinning Mattermost
Consolidated Publisher not supported
Question Publisher not supported
Feed recommendations not supported
Feed refresh not supported
In-app notifications can be accomplished with our mattermost integration
Share a Post with a Group Achievable with Mattermost integration? WIP
Group and Profile banners Achievable with Mattermost integration? WIP
Manage Members with Ease Achievable with Mattermost integration? WIP
Filter Groups to Show Unread Posts Achievable with Mattermost integration? WIP
Filter a Profile to See a User’s Posts Achievable with Mattermost integration? WIP
See Group Email Notifications on the Group Page Achievable with Mattermost integration? WIP
Get Group Info (and Even Join) in the Tile View Achievable with Mattermost integration? WIP
Group setup Achievable with Mattermost integration? WIP
Account and Contact Management supported
Opportunity Management supported
Lead Management supported
Sales Data supported
Mobile supported. Limited
Workflow and Approvals supported
Files Sync and Share not supported
Reports and Dashboards limited. We recommend external tools, metabase, superset, redash or similar
Sales Forecasting supported

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