We start the year slowly but with a nice set of changes and bug fixes. Looking forward to our next integration... Enjoy!

Features and Implementor/Developer enhancements

  • add 'quiet' parameter to cron script.

For scheduled tasks to work in coreBOS we have to configure a cron in the operating system that calls vtigercron.php, something like this

2/5 * * * * cd /var/www/html/corebos; php vtigercron.php

This particular configuration calls the script every 5 minutes and results in many calls looking something like this

[INFO]: Workflow - not ready to run as the time to run again is not completed
[INFO]: RecurringInvoice - not ready to run as the time to run again is not completed
[INFO]: SendReminder - not ready to run as the time to run again is not completed
[INFO]: ScheduleReports - not ready to run as the time to run again is not completed
[INFO]: MailScanner - not ready to run as the time to run again is not completed
[INFO]: UpdateExchangeRate - not ready to run as the time to run again is not completed
[INFO]: cronWatcherService - not ready to run as the time to run again is not completed
[INFO]: StorageSpaceUsage - not ready to run as the time to run again is not completed
[INFO]: UnblockLoginUsers - not ready to run as the time to run again is not completed

since this is a background process, that output is sent as an email to the user executing the process (usually www-data). This rather useless message (it is just informing us that all those tasks haven't reached their execution time yet) accumulates rapidly filling the hard disk with a very big /var/mail/www-data file.

To avoid this situation we have added a --quiet parameter to the script so that the information messages are not emitted, only error messages will be emitted. So, from now on, we should configure our scheduled tasks like this

2/5 * * * * cd /var/www/html/corebos; php vtigercron.php --quiet
  • add corebos.filter.announcement event to permit creating dynamic announcements. This event will be called with the announcement configured in the global variable and you will be able to launch any code to return a calculated announcement adapted to your needs.
  • make small text announcements move slower
  • Business Maps now have an execution information infrastructure that permits business maps to log information about their execution process and share that with the process using the map
  • we use the new execution information log to report about Decision Table process in the testMap script
  • Webservice Map now supports array values if returned by expression language
  • field dependency Business Map function to copy values from one field to another: fieldDep_CopyFieldValue
  • emit Cron Watcher notification if scheduled tasks have elapsed their time even if it is not running = cron service is not running
  • Edit View cancel button closes window if there is nowhere to go back to
  • format double/float numbers with user preferences in Reports
  • Web Service: support 'productid' as ID from the product virtual module in inventory line related queries
  • Web Service: set correct WSID on inventory line related query columns and add linetype
  • Workflow Create task:
    • support for delayed Workflow create task
    • unset cbuuid field when creating a record of the same type so they don't end up with the same uuid
    • use trigger entity to evaluate expressions always, we were using the new entity when the modules were the same
  • standardize Quotes related list on Accounts, Contacts, and Potentials
  • new is_attachmentid function in utils to find if a number is an attachment ID
    • use is_attachmentid in Emails to check if a number is an attachment id
  • change password screen functionality. Following the recommendations we found here we adapted the change password screen

change password functionality

  • Business Question enhancements were made to permit defining context variables for the execution of the question and exporting the results, making the user interface closer to an ad-hoc reporting UI.
    • Add missing $ sign on variable
    • Use PHPSQLParser result to recreate the SQL columns for easy processing
    • Add and decode variable passed to smarty template
    • Add functionality to store Question context Variable
    • Add UI Element for Question SQL columns and condition field
    • Added the script to replace the context variable in SQL Query
    • Disable Test SQL Button
    • Move the script for generating Builder Query to its own function
    • Hide Some modes in Builder when cbQuestion is SQL Query
    • Show Question context Variables

coreBOS Standard Code Formatting, Security, Optimizations, and Tests

  • coreBOS Standard Formatting and Optimizations
    • Inventory Details, PBXManager, Reports, Users: format, change quotes, and eliminate warnings
    • eliminate useless comments, unused variable and add a newline at the end of some scripts
    • use a constant string and direct return of result in PBXManager
    • document Field Access function header and change quotes to align with formatting standard
    • set correct List View initial value for reference field array and avoid searching for empty references
    • change Calendar variable name to avoid collision and overwrite the set of events to notify
  • document utility function
  • Unit Tests: keeps getting more and more assertions


  • ignore errors on some REVISE based application configurable actions like Inventory status change
  • Business Map validations:
    • add max and min occurs for element module and value in FieldInfo map
    • add optional elements for element module and value in Record Set map
  • correct order to unlink relationship with payments
  • replace line breaks (\n) with ODT line break tag () to prevent errors in document generation
  • set inventory line discount to 0 if no value is returned from autocomplete
  • in partial invoices from sales orders, permits negative numbers on fields and correct remaining units calculation
  • leave account/contact fields empty if they do not exist when capturing inventory lines using autocomplete functionality
  • set default autocomplete limit to the same as the backend limit: 10
  • trim sort order to make sure we can find it as an index of arrays when constructing List View query
  • get the correct user for PBXManager notification depending on the extension called
  • enhance QueryGenerator method to fill array if the element does not exist and use the method instead of direct access to the array
  • workflow aggregation with conditions on relation fields were missing the join with that table
  • workflow reload tasks for each entity in scheduler loop, needed now that we execute the tasks directly to flush the previous entity information

January Insights

Thanks for reading.

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