Slow vacation month brings important enhancement in workflow system supporting dot notation for array support, a Clickhouse ingestion end-point, some global variables, and a new application Cache layer object along with the typical pace. Yes, like coreBOS slow ;-)

Features and Implementor/Developer enhancements

  • add module label Browser Variable
  • cbAppCache global object: slowly migrating all the custom cache to our cache library
  • ClickHouse notification service: we can use coreBOS as an ingestion end point to send information to any Clickhouse table defined in a connected Clickhouse server
  • Business Maps
    • support array values for fields
    • support workflow expression parameters in SQL condition query
    • add getDestinationFields function in Mapping file
    • export specific map object on direct converttoarray call
  • RelatedListsBlock
    • add tooltip block in RelatedListBlock map
    • add editview block in map and select specific fields in edit/create view
    • add title tag to be able to modify the title
    • add tooltip for parent records in relatedlist widget
  • WebService
    • return success FALSE when one or more creates failed in a MassCreate operation regardless if there have been successes
  • Workflow
    • add EUVATValidation expression function to validate VAT for EU countries
    • applymaptoarrayelementsandsubarray, adjust parameter check to support clean/invert and delete subarray element from master array always
    • applyMaptoArrayElementsAndSubarray support for inverting clean array keys
    • clean array elements function
    • support for dot notation in mapping and templates

coreBOS Standard Code Formatting, Security, Optimizations, and Tests

  • coreBOS Standard Formatting: eliminate warnings, eliminate useless code, variables, and comments, format code. Campaigns, Users, RelatedList Widget, General javascript
  • Documentation:
    • function headers, and comments
    • non-stop wiki enhancements (working a lot on this)
  • Security
    • XSS in RelatedList link parameters
  • Optimizations
    • delete duplicate Browser variable
    • group DOM load event actions
  • Unit Tests: keeps getting more and more assertions.

Global Variables

  • Webservice_WriteRunWS_Logs globally activate specific logging files for web service calls. We will add an option in the web service map soon to fine-tune the logs for each call when this variable is active.
  • Application_ListView_Show_Create_Message hide "create record message" on empty record set in List View


  • convert Workflow message from a warning to informative

Create Entity workflow task

  • vertical menu adjustments

Vertical Menu

  • Business Maps support for dot notation when OrgfieldID is not given (which is wrong, but...coreBOS tries to help)
  • start using cbAppCache global variable. on our way to standardizing a cache layer
    • use coreBOS Cache instead of static variable which was returning incorrect values in get_user_array
  • Clickhouse support: cast port to 0 integer when not configured
  • encode related lists labels in Layout Editor
  • use correct variable name for fieldid in MasterDetail widget
  • avoid total record count error when total count is not present in Related List
  • get related master record id in Related List Widget
  • apply LDS to Home page form
  • add all supported languages in tuigrid listview
  • set User in Global Variable call to get the correct value
  • order user list by ename field and include user with no status to avoid search errors
  • Widget button is submiting the form
  • fix Field Dependency: readonly action issue
  • Custom View: save current roleid in cbCVManagement filter
  • Web Service
    • restore value of current module in global space. fixes #1351
  • Workflow
    • change applymaptoinventoryarrayelements to more generic applyMaptoArrayElementsAndSubarray now that we support Dot Notation
    • set workflow context always
    • use correct variable for module name retrieving table alias. fixes #1363
  • Translations
    • Clickhouse webhook secret
    • missing map translations
    • Workflow expression ES

September Insights

Thanks for reading.

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