A tale of creating awesomazing software

A slow month at coreBOS as we dedicate too much time to formatting in search of a handful of errors and minor optimizations while we make some very practical enhancements in the inventory modules and some nice features in general.

We continue dedicating a lot of time to standardizing the code, we finish the On-Demand functionality and add a whole set of functionality to move along our goal to create a flexible, fast and secure framework upon which to base your business.

A short month but with a good punch. This month sees a nice set of new features, security and optimizations enhancements and some bug fixes. Continue reading to get an idea of the important things that happened.

A very interesting start of the year where we get a lot of help from contributors (Thanks!!) who bring some fantastic enhancements like global variables, optimizations, functionality,... while we start customizing coreBOS with OnDemand features, construct login page infrastructure and keeping constructing a professional, powerful and flexible application.

We close the year with a small set of enhancements and a lot of optimizations as we prepare for a whole new year of illusion creating awesomazing software together.

Another month-full of changes, enhancements, optimizations and security revisions. We set the path to PHP 7.2, add more functionality to the workflow system and knock off a couple of long-standing issues in our endless To-Do list while we continue to migrate to the new calendar and reporting system.