A tale of creating awesomazing software

This month turns out to be a rather slow month, we are busy learning to use the new eventing system, creating examples and new events to cover typical request were we usually had to change the base code, but we still make some interesting enhancements.

December of 2014 brings, among others, two very important enhancements that will mark the future development of the project: Standardize base module code and coreBOS Events.


A perspective is a set of code and database changes that convert a stock coreBOS system into a verticalization prepared for a clearly defined market segment.

October and November of 2014 find us starting to add new functionality to coreBOS while keeping alive the constant beat of improvements.

September is usually a slow month as we are getting back to the routine after the summer slow down and I get a some relax time. However coreBOS gets some really important features in September 2014 as we continue to create a stable, feature rich and powerful platform to manage your business.

In July and August 2014 we were assuming control of the fork and still in the mind set of "vtiger CRM 5.4 Long Time Support". So, mostly we are starting to add functionality and fixing things that have always been broken.


I will detail a small list of some changes worth mentioning....