A tale of creating awesomazing software

We close the year with a small set of enhancements and a lot of optimizations as we prepare for a whole new year of illusion creating awesomazing software together.

Another month-full of changes, enhancements, optimizations and security revisions. We set the path to PHP 7.2, add more functionality to the workflow system and knock off a couple of long-standing issues in our endless To-Do list while we continue to migrate to the new calendar and reporting system.

A slow month where we spend most of our time optimizing and stabilizing the application while we are working on related projects (upcoming GenDoc and Metabase). coreBOS is definitely in a state where you can count on it to help you do your business and we are using it for just that: help our users put coreBOS to work for them!

As we concentrate on making coreBOS safer, faster and bug-free, we revisit the calendar module and reporting extension while we keep adding configuration options and features. Enjoy!

Have you been thinking of changing the coreBOS Login screen? You probably already have, it is the part of the code most people modify. Now that task has become a lot easier and less conflictive.

The next few months are all about optimizing and stabilizing coreBOS. While we continue to add configuration options and some features, our main goal is to iron out all the issues and make the application run faster and more secure. This is ready for prime time!