This is a slow month, where coreBOS doesn't get many changes but we still get a nice set of fixes and two very interesting enhancements like workflow email attachments.

Support for edit and view in popup window

By adding the Module_Popup_Edit parameter to the URL you can view and edit a record in a popup window. Look at the calendar create popup for an example.


We can now send files as attachments in email workflow task, either as files that are uploaded, as documents that exist in the application or indicated by a link in some field.

workflow email attachements

coreBOS Message Queue and Settings

  • coreBOS Message Queue can now deliver messages after a given date/time
  • coreBOS Message Queue now supports direct Task Manager launch for debugging
  • coreBOS Settings now returns default value if the given key is not found instead of null, so we can support null values

Other changes:

  • MySQL strict on Assets: fix product field to accept null values
  • MassEdit support for picklist dependency and help info
  • Support for taxes on mass edit in Services
  • Avoid infinite loop trying to open invalid directory
  • Eliminate warnings, notice, MySQL strict and code cleanup (this one is a constant every month, even today)
  • Translations. Italian and nl_nl missing translations

Thanks for reading.

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