A message queue and a native key-value store along with a special focus on security are our gift for this coreBOS third birthday, but, not satisfied with that we throw in a long list of enhancements and fixes and start this blog series.

Happy birthday coreBOS!!


We standardize the PBXManager module and correctly define fields in order to enable searching on list view and linking to other records.


  • Create Entity Enhancements: permit creating same entity as default duplicate: dangerous, possible infinite loop
  • More flexible picklist options
  • Task enhancement: after_retrieve task event so we can easily add functionality to our task edit screens


Two incredibly powerful developer tools arrive this month


This month again sees a lot is security issues fixed

  • path traversal
  • SQL injection
  • XSS
  • Request class to avoid http response splitting

Other changes:

  • Better IP detection for native IP access blocking
  • Permit user login based on IP via global variable
  • Now that reports use paging we send the SQL as JSON payload if debugging is active (Thanks for the idea Omar)
  • Fix TagCloud moving effects (Thanks Paul)
  • Fix picklist editing for picklists with a lot of entries
  • Add global variable in Convert Lead to preselect opportunity section
  • Fix FAQ export
  • Database optimizations
  • Fix some global variable calls when user is still not defined
  • Background log for workflow email task
  • Global variable rename code in changeset
  • Mobile fixes, optimizations, and enhancements
  • Eliminate obsolete Microsoft Word Merging: use the CRMNOW extension or GenDoc
  • Fix Query Generator relation errors with uitype10 custom fields
  • Webforms: cleanup and add posting acceptable Domain to avoid spam
  • Backup: emit error message if enable script cannot be written
  • Block increment of AutoNumber/uitype4 fields at database level to avoid duplicates
  • PHP7 Update TCPDF, TagCloud, and Validator
  • Fix user decimal support: Thanks Kiko
  • Eliminate warnings, notice, MySQL strict and code cleanup (this one is a constant every month, even today)
  • Translations

Thanks for reading.

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