Official renaming of Detail View Widgets. Welcome coreBOS Widgets!

I have spoken before in this blog about detail view widgets. We are renaming these widgets to coreBOS Widgets because we can now put them in other places that are not just the detail view of a record.

We have a lot of long-running projects. Goals in our roadmap that we want to accomplish. These end goals serve us as guidelines when deciding which tasks to accept and how to construct those tasks so they take us closer to those goals.

You can see this in how we have converted the workflow system into one of the pillars of the automation power inside coreBOS and we leverage it everywhere.

In this line we have a project to make coreBOS more analytical, giving more information to the end-user. The base of that project is Business Questions and coreBOS Widgets.

coreBOS Widgets are small programs that add functionality wherever needed. We have been constructing these widgets as requests appeared with the goal in mind of being able to use them in future developments of dashboards, list view summary information, or just all-around application functionality.

We are in an advanced situation concerning the dashboard and also started to seriously discuss about a new list view layout. These projects are coming into view because we have most of the stepping stones in place.

I leave here a small presentation of what I'm talking about.

Welcome coreBOS widgets!!

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

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