A long time missing DateTime field, security and performance changes along with some new functionality make for another interesting and productive month.


  • reset reminder when an event is dragged on the calendar into the future
  • send reminder up to 10 minutes after an event if it hasn't been sent

Service Worker Cache

In order to control the JavaScript browser cache and reduce file downloads from the server we introduce a service worker cache and a script to generate it automatically


  • First-time login audit event
  • Add new function isPicklistUIType() to check if a field is picklist
  • vtlib API enhancements: more field properties, update field, more options to retrieve fields, sort returned values
  • isInsideApplication security function to check if a file is contained inside the coreBOS installation directory tree
  • Add possibility to indicate custom values on popup request via the cbcustompopupinfo hidden fields. This is used to maintain sort by column and search alphabetically when you navigate

Global Variables

  • Application_ListView_Default_Sort_Order to define the default sort order on first click on column header label
  • Application_FirstTimeLogin_Template first time login welcome screen


  • path traversal
  • SQL injection
  • XSS
  • specifically crafted URL permits deleting a record on another module if the user has permission to delete
  • bettersafe script


Activate hidden functionality to show differences

ModTracker Differences


Add daily option. Thanks Lorida

Daily CronTask

DateTime Field

Add DateTime uitype to application: uitype 50

DateTime Field

Other changes:

  • Add Detail View to PBXManager
  • Mail Manager: when saving email with attachments to record, relate the documents also with the record
  • Reports: direct SQL, external URL, and crosstab reports
  • Change uitype 68 (HelpDesk) to 10
  • Cleanup and update Merge Document
  • Do not show the delete button on user list view if the user is not Active
  • Direct paste from clipboard support for Image Fields
  • Make login username case sensitive
  • Move hardcoded javascript to files so it gets cached
  • Fix translation of picklist values on scheduled Reports
  • MySites open in new window on x-frame denied. Thanks Eduardo Jimenez
  • Mobile
  • Eliminate warnings, notice, MySQL strict and code cleanup (this one is a constant every month, even today).
  • Translations. Thanks Paul Levre

Thanks for reading.

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