Our mission is to help businesses do their business, empowering them with software tools and solutions.

In line with that mission, our goal with the coreBOS initiative is to create an open source software framework that will empower your business to help your clients.

Our company was born from that vocation to help and serve companies, it was the first definition we used even before formalizing the company with all the legal paperwork, it is even in our name and logo from the very start, because TSolucio stands for it can be solved, and the long T covering and protecting the solution is a reflect of all that, but reality (as it is today, at least my phaneron) dictates that we feed our company with money, so we are here to make money. Do not be mis-leaded, we are not a non for profit and our effort in this initiative is a personal one that competes with day to day tasks to get work done and fulfill our goal to help our clients help their clients.

That said, we believe in open source, we benefit from it and construct on top of it, we are committed to this project and will strive yo keep it alive and vibrant for a very long time, we believe that what we are doing here is important.

Besides the legal obligations imposed on us by the license we inherit, we guarantee that we will keep the project open, but we will also create extensions and products to enhance the base functionality that may or may not have the same license.We will accept paid work for enhancements and customizations, we will do hosting of the product for whomever needs it, but we will try to help those who do these things too and we will try to be as transparent and honest as we can.

In any case the base coreBOS project will benefit from all of those developments and keep on getting better and better.


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