A tale of creating awesomazing software

Hacktoberfest 2022 and coreBOS.

Slow vacation month brings important enhancement in workflow system supporting dot notation for array support, a Clickhouse ingestion end-point, some global variables, and a new application Cache layer object along with the typical pace. Yes, like coreBOS slow ;-)

With PHP 8.1 around the corner and PHP 8.2 in the making, it is time to officially say goodbye to PHP 7.3 and lower.

New views for future enhancements and support of business process, Business maps enhancements, Session change wrap up, workflow expressions, Security, optimizations,... coreBOS daily routine :-)

See how you can use this new business action and help us enhance the list view with new ideas and functionality.

Not too many changes this month, which surprises me because there are so many things going on. I suppose those things just didn't get in this month. Let's see what happens next month. Happy vacation to all of those that have them. Enjoy!