A tale of creating awesomazing software

Learn how, when, and why to use denormalization in coreBOS.

We are ready to release three big internal changes. We have validated them but I would like to ask you to give them a try before we release them into the main product.

Desktop notifications are a "thing" nowadays with most browsers supporting them and being really useful due to all the overlapping tabs and windows we have open all day. So this new integration is a step towards a more engaging software application.

Learn how to call external applications using the workflow system to get or send information, with a real example of synchronizing information between two coreBOS installs.

A month full of a large set of small but very interesting changes, a nice balance between user and developer enhancements complement the typical coreBOS beat. Special mention to Single Sign-On and Related list support in email templates.

Some really useful user and implementor features and a rich set of global variables land this month while we wrap up some functionality that arrived last month and we keep on adding features and functionality to the workflow system and web service API. Amazing progress!