A tale of creating awesomazing software

Another wow! month. New features, enhancements, and fixes to previous functionality. Just amazing.

Official renaming of Detail View Widgets. Welcome coreBOS Widgets!

New features... nonstop. What amazes me is that I don't know much about some of them at all... coreBOS is growing on its own :-) for which I have to thank the incredible team of people we have working on the project.

Learn how we made price books much more powerful and flexible by just changing them to the coreBOS standard module and relation.

Our 8th birthday seems to have brought a whole bunch of new integrations and a long-standing request in the documents module. Don't know what surprises me more, the number of new features you can put in a month or the big mix of people who have participated in them. Thanks!!

Learn how you can use the Run Web Service workflow task from anywhere in the coreBOS code. No longer is this task limited and confined by the workflow system!