A tale of creating awesomazing software

The next few months are all about optimizing and stabilizing coreBOS. While we continue to add configuration options and some features, our main goal is to iron out all the issues and make the application run faster and more secure. This is ready for prime time!

This month is similar to the previous one, where the new calendar consumes a lot of our time but we still fit in some incredible enhancements, like a new translation infrastructure, a rule evaluation system, two factor authentication, many global variables and security fixes along with a very long list of other changes for a total of 324 commits. Simply amazing!

Another incredibly productive month, packed with enhancements for users, administrators, and developers alike where you will find a whole new set of changes in the workflow system, security fixes, web service functionality, a load of global variables and all that along with the massive uphaul of improvements in the new calendar.

You are in for an interesting read :-)

Wow! We definitely compensate for the little work that was done last month, this month is crazy full of changes: new calendar module, google contacts, new business map, validations, mobile, security, fixes and enhancements everywhere!

This is a slow month, where coreBOS doesn't get many changes but we still get a nice set of fixes and two very interesting enhancements like workflow email attachments.

A message queue and a native key-value store along with a special focus on security are our gift for this coreBOS third birthday, but, not satisfied with that we throw in a long list of enhancements and fixes and start this blog series.

Happy birthday coreBOS!!